International Art Generation

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In 2023 the international “Art Generation” organization celebrates its 14th anniversary.

This year, as always, we will strive to participate in various projects and unique experiments.

Our starting point was the idea of “SAKURA PROJECT with Children”, started by Tomona Miyazaki and Ginga Kobayashi in 2006.

Our goal is to create a society where the beauty would be valued and everyone would be able to freely express one’s thoughts and feelings, not being bound by stereotypes or prejudice, without using the language of violence or sharp criticism while understanding and respecting the differences of cultures and values systems.

Deep understanding and sense of “the language of art” – a truly international language,
Having self-confidence to freely express ones thoughts,
And, on the other side, having courage to admit and respect the existence of other points of view

– all these qualities are vital to achieve this.

Therefore the international “Art Generation” organization has set a goal to support various international unique valuable cultural projects, so that there would be as many as possible people possessing these qualities. In this way we will be able to contribute to the realization of society where mutual understanding would be number one priority.